Category: Faith Issues

Oct 18

What Is the Gospel?

CultureWatch Bill Muehlenberg’s commentary on issues of the day… There are all kinds of Christians proclaiming all kinds of gospels. But there is a very easy test as to whether or not that which is being proclaimed is the true biblical gospel or just a pale imitation, if not complete counterfeit. The test is quite …

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Oct 11

Make the World Your Parish: Applying the Great Commission to Your Church

The Great Commission lies at the heart of the Christian faith. But how can a typical church think of global missions when there are so many local challenges to contend with? In this essay from Make the World Your Parish: Increasing Your Global Influence for Christ, Reggie Weems challenges pastors to encourage their congregations–big or …

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Mar 11

VirtueOnline – News – Reformation, Renewal and Revival – REDISCOVERING A DYNAMIC ANGLICAN MISSIOLOGY – Archbishop Ben Kwashi

REDISCOVERING A DYNAMIC ANGLICAN MISSIOLOGY A Paper presented by the Most Rev. Dr. B. A. Kwashi to MERE ANGLICANISM conference in Charleston, SC Jan. 18 -21, 2012 INTRODUCTION : APOSTOLIC MISSION AND MINISTRY [Archbishop Ben Kwashi] From its birth on the Day of Pentecost, the church, continuing the mission as commanded by Jesus, did not …

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Mar 03

How to Relate to God

    Psalm 28:1-9   ·    Mark 11:1-25   ·    Leviticus 7:11-8:36   ·    Read all March 2 Day 61 How to Relate to God In one of his last songs Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the rock group Queen, asked the question: ‘Does anybody know what we are living for?’  In spite of the fact that he had amassed …

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Feb 14

Easter: What is Maundy Thursday?

What is Maundy Thursday? Maundy Thursday – also called Holy Thursday, is the beginning of the three day celebration of Easter – the most important time in the year for Christians. This period ('The Triduum') is one big celebration, remembering the last supper, the crucifixion and the death of Jesus, and the Resurrection to new …

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