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Counselling/Pastoral Care

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Pastoral Care can be a minefield of traps for the unwary but there are several resources available to help us to assist others.

No Pain; No Gain

The Role of Pain in Deepening Our Need for One Another May 25, 2005 – by Brett Eastman Nobody likes pain, and nobody likes to experience pain alone. Even Christ, while hanging on the cross, asked God, "Why have you forsaken me?" Yet God often uses it to trigger some of the greatest life-giving moments. …

Visiting the Sick

Ministry to the Sick GREETING On entering the house or other place where the sick person is, the Minister may say: Peace be to this house, and to all who live here or The peace of the Lord be with you always SUITABLE PASSAGES OF SCRIPTURE 2 Confidence in God: Psalms 27; 46; 91; 121; …